Created by RAYMOND AKPAMGBO 4 years ago
Proverb 31:10 described such a woman as virtuous whose worth is far above rubies. Everybody in the family cherished her and called her blessed. Mum was a treasure to behold. They said rainbows are a promise of a new tomorrow. There have been a lot of tomorrow that come and go. I only wish there could be yesterday too, I would go back again and again to the yesterday when you were still here. You were always there for us, my confidant and my mum. I cherished the past we shared together but miss the future we will not have. I wished I could set the clock back at least to see you and to say good bye. But we cannot question God for He alone knows the best. One thing is certain a vacuum has been created which no one can replace. I am consoled by the assurance that you are resting in the bossom of the Lord with the angles and saints in heave. Rest in peace my loving God mother.

Juanita Akpamgbo
Your God daughter