Created by RAYMOND AKPAMGBO 4 years ago
A woman of great reputation is no more your charismatic displayed when people are around you has also gone. A kind woman, a woman of honour, a woman of integrity, a woman of love, a woman who cares, a woman who made others to live and a woman who lived for the entire family.
O death why have you snatched our loving and caring mum at this time we needed her most? Where again can we get an enviable woman dedicated, reliable, humble, loving, peace and caring and a friend to all in our life?
Beloved mum the vacuum you have created in our life and in the entire family is enormous and it is only God Almighty that can fill it. We know a life without you is a life full of misery and bitterness but trusting in God, He will make a way for us. Death you are very wicked to have laid your devilish hands upon our loving mum. We miss you very dearly, but we are consoled by the fact that there is heaven where people of your kind shall rest in the bosom of the lord. Beloved mum you really lived a fulfilled and an exemplary life worthy of emulation. Beloved with tears rolling down our cheeks, we say adieu mum/aunt. We are not parted, we are just apart.
As you sing Halleluiah with the hosts of heaven, we shall meet again.

Nkem Karen Akpamgbo
Ashley olisa Akpamgbo
Nicole Odinaka Akpamgbo
Juanita Somy Akpamgbo
Juan Keny Akpamgbo