Created by RAYMOND AKPAMGBO 4 years ago
I have written many tributes never expected to write one for you. So you can see how difficult it is for me to write this tribute, your death in a peculiar way sent chains of traumatic vibrations down our nerves and marrows. This incisive impact on us could only be accounted for by the magnitude of our affection for you and the high-esteem in which you were held in the family. It is not a misnomer nor is it by accident that you were given the name Chioma by your late husband. You are precious in all ramification, the sterling qualities you exuded were quantum to buttress these enviable attributes. Precious aunt and my most humble and amiable sister in-law, I mourn your exit.
Aunt you were a Christian to the core, you lived out your Christian life to the admiration of many. You were a gentle, peace loving person, a peace maker, you showed love to all and Sundry, you cherished charity and mercy works, thus you taught and encouraged us to show love, be merciful and charitable to people, you kept a perpetual clear mind, maintained uncommon goodwill and love to all mankind. Evidently I think aunt is now a citizen of heaven.
Your abhor quarrels and hot exchange of words hence, you would prefer to forgo your rights to others to maintain a tranquil atmosphere, your forwent pleasure to give adequate care to us. In the face of stringent and enormous hardship, you remained undaunted and bore your cross with equanimity of mind. Consequently you made every sacrifice possible to provide for us basic necessities of live.
It is common knowledge that aunt vigorously resisted the monster called death body and soul; she did not want to die at least not at the time death came. I believe that there is a might hand which shapes our ends even from the beginning and nobody it seems can defeat Gods timetable otherwise aunt would have survived.
By her death we are feeling greatly deprived, we shall miss her affections and hilarious laughter, her good nature, her strategic pieces of advice, her comforting presence, her unremitting ability to render assistance in times of need and her equanimity in moment of crisis.
As aunt begins her le-ultimo vagio (the last journey to mother earth) as the Italians would say, she does so with our unchanging sentiments of great love, great respects and great debt of gratitude and obviously great thanks to the SOVEREIGN GOD for her very distinguished and accomplished life in the pilgrim world.
We are proud of you worthy and sterling aunt, you were a good ambassador, you left a lasting posterity and lofty legacy, we pray and hope that we will follow your foot step and life style religiously. We would wish you lived longer to enjoy the fruits of your labour but God has decided to call you back obviously for better. You fought the good fight, finished the race at Gods appointed time and you kept the faith. Fare thee well beloved aunt. We take solace in the hope that you are resting in the bossom of the lord Amen.
Bar. Chinwe Akpamgbo